The Building Series

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This Portico of a church is nice coz I like the way the arch in the foreground interacts witht he other two on the left and right of centre. ALso, there is a vast open space that is framed in the centre of the photo.



Everything save the green trees in this photograph is rectangular. The Granite wall on the right which forms a rectangular block, the granite stones on the left hand side wall, even the shadows on the ground!



The shadow running along the ground gives a slight imbalance to the photo. I like the pillars and the glass structure to the left of centre in the shot.



Another photo of the same location but from a different point of view. The man in the distance (right of centre) gives an indication of hte expanse of the place.



This picture got my attention when I looked up from the ground. The sun is directly behind the centre of the "bridge", above. Reminds me of the greek symbol for the mathematical constant PI.



I like the strong straight lines that the steps create. The shot was taken on an overcast day and thus the colors are not so vivid. Apart from this the building itself is greyish and so it adds to the color cast.



This symbolizes the duality of man and woman. Man is structured, symmetrical, like the building. Woman is more gentle and certainly more colorful, like the tree. When the two meet, life could be as lovely as this photo.



Another church which can be visible from the cafeteria where I work. I liked the angle so I took the shot.

This photo is a study in light, form and shadow. The sunlight filters through the trellis from the top and lights up a space where the plants grow. If one looks out for it, one can see 3 arrow shaped forms created by the light on the wall.

The reddis coating gives a great color to this picture and the white offers a nice contrast. The rooftop like structure looks cute.

Symmetry all along. From the strong line starting near the base of the stairs this picture is divided into half along a vertical axis.

Just love the blue of the windows of this building. It looks a bit more vivid in real life though.

Look at the richness of the reds here! Also, as one looks higher, one sees brighter light.

This photo gives a kind of compression of space effect, because of the tight framing and proximity to the structure.

The time is all wrong.

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