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Born on Saturday, 06 March, 1971 in New Delhi, India, I am aright handed Piscean Male. My interests include Listening to music, Cooking and photography. I have no formal training in HTML. I have undergone a basic 2 week course in photography.

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A few of my Photographs. This site does not have any frames or any of that Javascript or Java applets. It's plain old HTML. I have created this entire site using Netscape Page Composer from the Communicator Suite. The objective of these pages is for the many people out there to see my work. I have given my reasons as to why I like the photographs that I've put here. The explaination appears below each photo.

Organization of these pages:


These pages are organized into different series. Each series has a common generic subject. Some series have more photos than other series. That's simply because I have taken more photos in that series. Each page has a title and immediately below it is a single line which begins with Your Location on these pages:. It tells you where you are located. The last word is your current location. You can navigate between series by clicking on the appropriate word. For convinience, the same mechanism is located at the bottom as well.

So,go ahead and check out the series...

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